Bikes for rent

All the bicycles we rent are new and equipped with lights and a bottle stand. You can get a helmet with each bicycle.

We also offer bicycles with fitted child seats.

Men’s bicycles

Drag Grand Canyon – one of the most popular Drag models with front suspension and low weight. The bicycle has two frame sizes – 19 or 21 inches.

Drag Avenue – A comfortable city bike with 3 built-in speeds. You can choose between two sizes of 19 or 21 inches.

Mountain bike Drag Hardy – the perfect choice for mountain biking enthusiasts. You can rent bicycles with 27.5 or 29 inches of wheel size. Drag Hardy is equipped with front suspension and hydraulic disk brakes.

Lady bicycles

Drag Glide Lady – a bicycle with a low lady frame, offering comfort and safety while traveling in an urban environment. The frame of the bicycle is 17 inches in size.

Drag Oldtimer – extremely stylish lady bicycle with internal speeds. The frame can be 17 or 19 inches.

Kids bicycles

Drag Caprice – ladies bicycle with a low frame, also suitable for children. The frame is 17 inches is size.

Drag Hacker – the bicycle is suitable for children with a height of 130 to 160 cm (9-12 years). Available with two sizes of the wheels – 20 or 24 inches.

Drag Hardy Jr – equipped with reliable speeds and front suspension. Suitable for children with a height of 117 to 130 cm (6-9 years). Wheels are 20 inches in size.